Back-Up Generators in North Vancouver

Should you consider a back-up generator?

If you haven't noticed yet mother-nature  is going through a rough-time and extreme climate changes are certain. Just in the last two years we have seen more power outages than ever before. Weather experts and utility companies all agree we need to be prepared. That's why its more important now more than ever to consider installing a back-up generator for your home or business. But, before getting your hopes up, call one of our professionals to see the extend of work required as some buildings situations aren't as feasible while some can be a breeze.  

Why Are Some Benefits to Installing a Back-Up Generator?

They keep your premises safe. Some things can hardly go hours without having a drastic impact on life's such as having a sump pump over flowing, not having access to your medical equipment or keeping refrigerated storage. Along with this it just provides comfort and ease when the power goes out. Imagine you looking outside your window in the cold winter, everything is blacked out but you can feel the panic of your neighbors. Meanwhile your home lights are all on and your calmly browsing the internet or cooking a nice warm dinner.  

This can be the type of on-taking where your taking money from one pocket and putting it in another.  Back-up generators can add up that much value to your home. And if its a business yo should be saving yourself from losses in excess of the installation.  See our testimonial case from Nick who runs a business in South Vancouver. 

We'll help Find The Back-Up Generator That's Right for You.

  • Generac
  • Kohler
  • Cummins

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Champion
  • Others

Trust, Believe, Succeed with Electric HERO 

If you're in the Lower-Mainland and are considering a back-up generator, contact Electric Hero.  We can have a professional meet you at your home or business, evaluate your situation and see if a back-generator makes sense for you.

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