What to look for in an Electrician?

September 8th, 2023
The Value of a Good Electrical Company in Vancouver

The 3 Most Important Factors To Consider When Hiring an Electrician

1. Safety and Insurance

Electricity kills! It can kill or injure the installer, the user or cause millions of dollar in damage to a building. So make sure whoever you hire has liability insurance of at least 3 million, that they are fully licensed with an LEL# (contractor license) and that they are bonded. Even if the installation goes well, your property insurance may not cover you if a fire occurs. The best electrical companies will have proper training, equipment, and policies in place to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

2. Expertise and Experience 

The same installation can happen a few different ways and for someone who is not in the field you may not know the difference. One electrician might take a full day to do what another does in a few hours.  So who's right? You can start by looking at their website and what do their priorities look like? Some companies will say they've been in business for over 30 years and then send a 25 year old to your place. Your electrical installation is only as good as the electricians who show up.  You can also check their reviews on different websites and ask yourself is there some type of consistency with the negative feedback? Are all the negative reviews about rude behavior?   

3. Integrity and Communication

Honesty and integrity cannot be overstated.  Nothing will make your project easier that a good confident communicator who is sincere in their efforts to solve your problem and not just sketch out a job. So pay attention to they way they approach your problems. Are they asking you questions and probing for the best solution? Also make sure their quoting is as accurate as possible and they provide you with something to sign upfront. 

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