Installing an EV - Electric Vehicle Car Charger in Vancouver

A good electrical contractor will follow these 4 easy steps when installing an EV charger:

#1. Conduct a Customer Needs Analysis

Meeting on-site of where the electric car(s) usually park for charge. Mainly just listening to you and taking note of all your needs while answering all of your questions. Deciding on a good central spot for the EV charger and discussing all the implications that go along with each potential location. Figuring out how long of a charge cord you need to get and how/ where the cord can be managed best.  

#2. Construct Plans and Provide a Quote

Putting our engineering hat on, we need to consider any other factors that we as professionals may deem to be relevant to the installation, so having a well informed master electrician who truly understands Canadian Electrical Code is critical.  We are also required to provide a house load calculation. Your house load calculation will tell you if your main service panel has enough ampacity to handle the additional load demand of the electric vehicle being charged.  A decent level 2 car charger can use as little as 20A at 240V. If you don't have enough room in your panel don't fret because there is still hope but again you'll need a seasoned master electrician to go through all of your options.  

#3. Obtain Permits and Materials

Depending on the location and scope of the installation, we may need to obtain permits from the city or other regulatory bodies. Of course we will handle this process on your behalf and provide all the paperwork you may need to apply for grants, rebates or tax deductions.  

#4. Install and Test the Charger

The excellence of execution! On an available date and time convenient to you we start and finish the installation. If we have your main panel open we will also perform a courtesy inspection and complete any needed maintenance we can on the spot.  We will then test the charger to ensure that it is working properly.  Also, providing you with any warranty information or operating instructions.  

By following these steps, a good electrical contractor can ensure that the EV charger is installed safely, efficiently and that it meets all necessary standards.

We provide both Step #1 and #2 for you at no cost because we need to provide an accurate free estimate.   

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