Electrical Services for New Construction Projects

The Excellence of Execution

Electric Hero Inc specializes in electrical services for new construction projects, serving both residential and commercial sectors for both high-voltage and low-voltage. Offering a full range of services including the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Our experienced electricians are well-versed in the latest technologies and comply with Canadian Electrical Code and Technical Safety BC standards using top-quality materials to ensure your new building is safe and efficient. Your electrician is one of the first and last on site so choose wisely, choose Electric HERO.

Outperforming and Under-cutting the Industry 

As a prominent trades company in the Lower-Mainland we recognize the specific needs of new construction in 2024, so we can provide cost-plus pricing. Our clients prefer this because it's stress free, allowing them to consciously trust in the quality and cost so they can focus on everything else. We make choosing us a 'no brainer' and here are five major points:

1. Cost Transparency - Clients can see exactly where their money is going which reduces any fears they may have of hidden fees or unexpected costs. Electric HERO has integrity instilled.  

2. Quality Assurance - We are not incentivized to cut costs at the expense of quality, our clients feel more confident in the constructions quality. Electric HERO has impeccable installations.    

3. Flexibility - If there are changes or additions to the project, cost-plus pricing is more flexible in accommodating changes, which we all know happen.  Add-on and wish list items often come into fruition more often.  

4. Speedier Completion - There is more motivation to complete projects efficiently since profit isn't tied to extending the project timeline.  We can add things to the contract to meet specific dates of general contractors.  

5. Lower Risk - Reduced risk for both sides means a more cooperative and collaborative project.  Particularly for clients the risk of being over charged or paying for unnecessary expenses is diminished.  


Lower-Mainland's Trusted Experts

With a track record of successfully handling diverse new construction projects, from laneway homes to large commercial buildings we always keep a folder with your work including permits, invoices, inspection sheets, and other imperative information on your project that you may not even know you need. We may even make our own electrical prints for your place including 1. lighting 2. power. 3. low-voltage 4. emergency circuits 5. mechanical.  We have a stellar standing with all the cities in the Lower-Mainland and Electric HERO is known for passing inspections on time and on budget. We are so confident with our electrical installations that we offer an extended 10-year warranty for new construction projects big and small.  We know this isn't eHarmony but we are looking for long-term relationships.   

Pleasant and Productive People

The electricians you hire are on-site more often than other other trade from start to finish so don't over-look their attitude. We have a very approachable staff and you'll notice that every interaction with us is professional and sincere. Our exceptional productivity doesn't stop on the tools but in our talks as well. We hate to admit it but we can be 'yes people' saying yes to almost everything we are asked to do and we don't 'penny pinch' as long as your reasonable. As the friendliest people on site we know how to integrate into your project well. Your mission is our mission, that's our mantra and that's how we succeed together.  


Our Electrical Services for New Construction Projects Include:

Electrical Heating and Cooling

Now a requirement in some cities, we specialize in the installation of efficient and affordable electrical heating and cooling systems for new constructions.  We are meticulously researched in all of the latest equipment and trends including baseboard heating, in-wall forced air heat, electric fireplaces, heat-pumps, mini-split a/c units and thermostats.  

Lighting Installations of all types

Our lighting services are tailored to new constructions, offering everything from basic lighting setups to advanced, custom-designed lighting systems that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Electrical Inspections

We conduct thorough electrical inspections in new constructions to ensure all installations meet safety standards and regulations, providing peace of mind and security.

Electrical Repairs

Although new constructions are less likely to need immediate electrical repairs, our team is ready to address any issues swiftly, ensuring that your electrical systems remain in top condition.  We are also ready to provide priority dispatching to honor any warranty issues that may arise.  

Comprehensive Electrical Renovation Services

From complex wiring and panel upgrades to innovative lighting design and installation, Electric HERO possesses the necessary expertise to turn your renovation dreams into reality. We use only the best quality materials and equipment, ensuring that your electrical systems are not only safe and reliable but also energy-efficient. Plus, we offer competitive pricing and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Lighting Design and Layout

We go above and beyond by creating our own electrical drawings for lighting layout and circuitry. Weather your a designer a restaurant for your client or a DIY looking for ideas on a home extension we put your shoes on and do a needs analysis with you. How much lighting do I need? How should I lay out my lights?  

Your Partner from Start to Finish

We've been there through every stage, from demolition to finishing touches. We stand by your side throughout the entire process. Whether it's a large or small project, for your home or office, Electric Hero is ready to offer the best solutions tailored to your needs.  Ask about our 10 year warranty for new construction projects.  

Trust, Believe, Succeed with Electric HERO

For your electrical needs, in the Lower Mainland, reach out to Electric Hero. Expert electrical assistance with your new construction project. We're here to bring your project to life with professionalism and precision.

Be a HERO. Choose Electric HERO