Solar Panels in the Lower-Mainland?

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing in the Vancouver Area?

No matter where you live free renewable energy like solar panels would be a great idea with the only downside being cost. So we need to delve into all of the factors that add and subtract. Here is a formula to use and consider before you go-ahead with a solar panel system installation.    

Solar Panel Consideration Formula:

BC Hydro Savings + Government Grants + Property Value Added + Convenience During Power Outage + Carbon Foot-Print Reduced

- Cost of New Solar Panel System Installed = 

BC Hydro Savings

How much 'sun-arable' space do you have available and what is the total kilo-wattage output of the solar panels that can fit in that area? Would there be any type of shade throughout the day that would block sun-light? Would the panels face true south for optimal absorption? An estimated number because as you can tell this is mostly dependent on the weather. 

Government Grants

In BC currently there is a $5,000 free government grant to keep and up to a $40,000 interest free loans for up to 10 years.  So if you can get an installation done for around $50,000 or less it might make this decision a lot easier.  


Overall, solar panels are a good investment in the Vancouver area, especially for those who have ample space and can take advantage of government incentives. Consult with a solar panel systems professional to determine if solar panels are a good fit for your home or business.

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