Solar Panels in the Lower-Mainland?

Should I Install Solar Panels If I live in the Lower-Mainland?

We face some unique challenges here in the great north-west.  Especially in Vancouver, most properties here don't have enough space for a decent amount of panels to yield enough energy to make it worth it.  Also, there are so many large trees here (god bless them) that there is a good chance the area you can forge has too much tree shade. 

If you don't have either of these issues, solar energy systems here in the Greater Vancouver area is a great investment, even with the days of rain and overcast.  Costs have actually decreased and solar energy systems have gotten more efficient.  Plus with government incentives it can become a no-brainer in some circumstances.  Here are some other key points to keep in mind.

1. Sun Exposure 

There shouldn't me much shade on your panels and they should be south facing

2. Energy Usage

Just maximize the space you have, we can set up anything from 5kW and up

3. Incentives and Rebates

These are always changing so check with us to see what's available as of today

4. Installation Costs

Much like most of our other services our goal is to under-cut prices and over deliver on the quality of installations

5. Maintenance

The easier they are to get to, the easier cleaning them will be of course 

6. Life Span

At 20 years they do decrease by a about 10-15% but will still work past 30 years

Call us over to have a look, don't worry about our time, we love talking about this stuff!